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single ladies 2012

19 May

Every year as single women our spirit are renew in the hopes that we will find someone to loves us in a way that we long for. I often wonder what it is as women that we are truly looking for. and if the link that we’re looking for that makes us feel whole lye with in a man will we truly ever be happy. in truth another indidviual cannot make us whole they could only complement us after we have find our true worth. Every women that i have come across believes if they change something physical about themselves it will bring them closer to that speacial someone when in fact we’re just wasting time that could be spend working on ourselves. Although insecurities cannot be seen it most definitly can be felt and anyone could have a clear sense of it while in our presence.Instead of changing ourself to fit someones else ideal, we as women should work towards being the best humanbeing that we can be.  No one is  perfect so we have  to learn to accept our flaws.When Mr. Right comes along we don’t have to look in the mirror wondering if we are good enough we’ll know. Best of luck single ladies!