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The mind governs the body

27 Jun

We’re all familiar with the quote “life ain’t easy” and that goes for all of us, rich or poor. Sometimes I think we help contribute to that quote “life ain’t easy”. We all know that there is tremendous amount of obstacles one has to go through in his or her own life time, but it is also true, its how we mentally prepare ourselves to face those challenges that effects our quality of life. The mind governs the body but it also have a severe effect on our spirit has well; especially if its filled with negativity. I have come across many people in the pass, that before they attemp the steps needed to face their challenges they’re overcome by doubts. Doubts that they have of themselves and that others have of them. Little do we know by having that frame of mind we’ve already set ourselves up to fail. Why predict our outcome before it begin. That is just robbing ourselves of the enegry we will actually need to face the challenge. If we condition ourselves to face each and every obstacle with a postive frame of mind, then when we reach the end of the challenge it will seem less detrimental. Postive seeds fuel a peaceful soul!

Life is a Journey

24 Jun


One of the most frighten thing a human being can do is change, whether it be mentally or physical. Personally at times i think we find ourselves dealing with a combination of both. There will always be those who are quick to judge. Telling us what we should do or how we ought to look that best fit with a certain image society have of us. To be honest we all have a nasty side to us and everyday is a working progress. There isn’t any human being walking around happy and jolly everyday. Life throws us curve balls and those curves help molds us into who we are. It forms our personalities and develope our fears. It also help us evolve sometimes in a postive way and at times in a negative light. We all recongize the nasty in us when it emerges but learning how to deal with it is a process within it self. like everything else in life you have to work at it day by day. We can’t always think of ourselves has being imperfect, instead we should learn to view ourselves as students of the world. Instead of being committed to a university for four years, we have to committ ourselves to a life time of progress and change. We’re going to lose focus at times but there will always be sudden curves we waddle through that will get us back on track. The key is remembering that everyday is diffrent and the sunshines from various angles. One day its beaming on us the next day on one of our classmates. As long as we keep focus we can all come close to being straight (a) students filled with wisdom and knowledge!




Battle of the bulge

12 Jun


         The biggest wardroe mulfunction for any women is their belly, it’s certainly mines, and i have been battling it for years. My biggest problem is being consistant. keeping a regulary excercise rountine and sticky to it long enough to see the changes i need to better my health. When i was in my early twenties losing weight for me was all about looking good. Now that i’m a short step away from turning thirty its all about being health. Keeping fit so that i’ll be able to enjoy life more and being able to keep up as best as i possible can. The older we get the more our body changes and sometimes we can slow it down sooner than it should. excersing alone will not keep us as healthy as we should be, we also have to change the way we eat by incorporating alot more vegetables in our diet. for example week one you start off with ten jumping jacks and by week two add another ten and so on. start eating  meals that consist of a portion of veggies, and little by little cut back on your carbs. start walking before you think about running. These step seem so easy and they actually are, and one of the best way to get long lasting results.