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13 Jul

                  Patience is bitter but its fruit are sweet. Sometimes, the time we spend realizing our true purpose and actually seeing it come alive in from of us can seem like an eternity. But it is only when we keep going when the going gets hard and never slow down our dreams will begin to manifest. It will reveal itself to us and naturally becomes apart of who we are. Patience is the most necessary qualification one need to accomplish his or her goals, or to succeed in any relationship and see it blossom. The race is long and hard and at times draining to ones body and soul. The happiness and beauty that lies at the finish line will make all the trials and frustration seem like a pinch and as transparent as night and day!

In the face of adversity

5 Jul

               In the face of adversity it is easier to sucum to your fears than to rise above them. It is easier to give in than to stay strong. trials are meant to test our strenght, and strenghten us in areas where we are weak. Adversities are one of the things we have to face in our lives in order to get closer to being the indidviual we were meant to be. Adversities stand before us to make us better and to turn our difficulties into opportunities. Determination, patience, and courage are the only things needed to face a challenge head on, and that enables us to rise above it!

Recipe for a happy life

1 Jul

              It has been said that the one thing that is certain in life is death. In between we have a dash from the year we were born til the day that we die. I like to think there is a bundle of happiness we could acquire in between that line. Happiness is something one as to condition themselves to. It is not a feeling that comes effortlessly. Over the years as i have spoken to people that have a seemly stable and fulfilling life, the one thing that i have found that they all have in common is their ability to forgive. No matter how horrific the situation was they had to face, they found a way to let go of the bitterness before it consume them. They didn’t necessarily forgive to free the next man conscience but to alleviate themselves from the burden that comes with carrying a grudge. Harboring bad feelings poison the heart, then it weakens the mind and the body. If we can always remind ourselves of the imperfection we all have as humanbeings, then forgiving others becomes easier. We’re all aware that we can’t go back in time and change things in a way that more suites us, then why hold onto negativity when there is so much happiness that lies in from of us. Finding the right remedy for a happy life is letting go of the bad things that have passed knowing that we’re still standing still. If we can’t fix or change it, let it go. We have to allow ourselves to be swallowed up in all the happiness that surrounds us and that is to come.