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“Easter is the …

30 Mar

“Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and time less.”—Charles M. Crowe

Happy Easter


Enjoy everythin…

28 Mar

Enjoy everything that happens in your life, but never make your happiness or success depend on an attachment to any person, place or thing!——-Wayne Dyer


25 Mar

You heard me crying out loud
pretending not to see me hurt
while you cover up your dirt
But, yet something inside of me won’t let you get that close
Trying to touch my soul
I will only allow you to see me when i’m fierce
To you I appear to be a supernatural being
My sensitivity is kept in a cage holding all the pain
That you can’t see



21 Mar

I can’t believe that I am sitting here at an aids clinic! Being tested! While sitting down waiting for the nurse to call me, I said to myself. “Kathy, just laugh”, but the pain I felt sting so hard that all I could do was cry. I found out four months ago that I might have contracted something, but I’ve been too afraid to tell my adult children. What would they think of me? I felt ashamed. My late husband and I had been together for over thirty years and not once did I have to walk down this path. And just by me dating a man for merely a year, I’ve put my life in jeopardy. Lawrence and I had sexual intercourse after six months of dating; I thought that was okay in today’s world. I mean we were both two old school kids trying to get our grove back. Little did I know that Lawrence never lost his! he wasn’t the kind of man that I was use to, although he appeared that way at first. An old country girl like me got lost in his waves of lies. They all sounded good, every word that came out of his mouth was what I wanted to hear.