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30 Jun


Must I be your beating stick?
When anger is choking you
Tell me, why must you quench your thirst by abusing me?
But yet you,
Beat and beat, and beat me
Till your pain has disappeared, and you beat me when it reappears
I kept in silent
Cause you know not what occurs in my eyes
When anger is near



28 Jun

His fist spoke out in anger. It is true men can tell their strength by the palm of their hands. This kind of love, they say, will bring you a life time of pain. Was it the speed of his kicks, or my breast caging into my chest? My blood symbolized his hatred. He told me time and again the strength that I felt coming through my womb was the power of his love. For a while I believe that no other man would be able to love me as much. But something was very strange about this kind of love, because I didn’t feel as if I was in paradise. How could it be paradise when I had a fist over me as a reminder that if I dare to escape my life would become worst than it already was?

            I sensed that he knew that he was tying me down. Anything that he said, I would jump to his command trying my best not to upset him. In a way it was like an addiction, because I didn’t want to leave John. He was my bread and water, the very air I breathed to survive.  He had me good. I had no sense of self because I no longer belonged to me. I was like his slave. “Yes master, no master”, was my every reply to my lover. Another kick followed by the tone of John voice, I felt the sudden shock and the hard impact of my broken ribs. I held on to life as tight as I could. I crawled to his knees hoping he would have some pity on me. Sometimes I wonder if there was something that I could have said that would have made him stop. I was hoping the rage that manifested itself so violently would stop once I expressed to him how I was feeling. The screaming didn’t work. He kept on beating me.

            How could he call himself a man? He knew I was weaker than him, I couldn’t possible go up against his force. So viciously he vandalizes my body. I saw so many demons ripping out of his eyes at times it silenced me. The pain became unbearable and I started to scream out in agony. “Baby, baby, baby, I could feel it; your love is killing me! He came at me faster with his fist and kicks it grew rapid; there is no escaping the scars of his love.

            Who was I to question my master? Who was I to tell him how I was feeling? To John I could not hurt inside. I was like a rock without any emotions or feelings. He used me to take away his pain and anger. The flashes of his fist followed the turn of my neck. I lay on the floor, paralyzed by my lover’s touch. My swollen lips over lap each other while my eyes were swelled shut. I lay on the ice cold floor; I no longer felt any pain. I just laid there in silence. My eyes were hardened by the shock and speed of his fist. I just felt cold, cold as ice.


Demon Rum

23 Jun

Demon Rum

“In the darkest of times, faith is the strongest source to hold onto” Denise R. Smith



22 Jun


Many times we fall and are cast aside as if we’re
savages, lies are told about us, we’re left lock away in a emotional prison although we walk freely!



“Life is the gr…

3 Jun

“Life is the greatest gift that has been given to man”……Denise R. Smith