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5 Nov


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“A successful w…

1 May


“A successful woman takes the bricks the devil throws at her and uses them to lay a firm foundation”—-Nishan Panwar

Sophisticated now on sale





24 Aug


Hi guys, i’ve been talking about my new book Sophisticated for a few day now, and i would like to give you an offical summary of the book below.

Every woman comes to a point in her life when she is forced to take a true look at herself and the enviroment that sorrounds her. In the new book, Sophisticated, you’ll meet five women that have come to a crossroad in their lives when they’re forced to make a change in order to leap forward.

Joey is in her late twenties and has yet to find love and often wonders what she’s doing wrong why she can’t find “Mr. Right”. Kathleen as no clue as to how it is to be a single woman after being married for thirty years and recently losing her husband to cancer. As she steps back out into the world of the singles she finds out the hard way that things don’t always appear as they seem and sometimes the wrong perception of someone could cost you your life. Toni has been locked up in a marriage for years being phyically and emotionaly abused that her selfesteem is now as low as the ground she walks on. Now she is forced to reivent herself for her two kids or go into complete depression. Sophisticated will spark a nerve in every woman and allow them to look at themselves  in a completely different way!

 if you like the summary above go to www.deniser-smith.com/serves to purchase a copy in paperback or ebook formatt. Thanks and talk to you soon.