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State of being hopeless

12 Jul

State of being homeless

The state of being hopeless

Homeless people lying on the street
Signs begging for help
But, everyone has a home to feed
Could the world really be that cold?
That we can’t offer a shoulder to cry on, to sacrifice the pain of another
Neglecting what we see because we have no cure
I can’t imagine how it feels to be so lonely
Not having any hope to free your self of this disease
And, that’s the state of the homeless we see!



I shouldn’t be here

7 Jul

I should be here

I shouldn’t be here
A tear, a weep, a holler
I shouldn’t be here
A punch, a kick, a broken tooth
I shouldn’t be here
On the floor begging you no more
Why am I here?
In the corner frighten by your hands, all cried out
But yet I’m here
For years I’ve been here, and time and time again I’ve said,
I shouldn’t be here
No, not like this but yet, I’m not going anywhere
A kick, a shove, a broken neck
I shouldn’t be here
A swollen eye, a broken hip, a coma
I shouldn’t be here
A grave yard, silences, still body
I shouldn’t be here
Yet I’m here!




30 Jun


Must I be your beating stick?
When anger is choking you
Tell me, why must you quench your thirst by abusing me?
But yet you,
Beat and beat, and beat me
Till your pain has disappeared, and you beat me when it reappears
I kept in silent
Cause you know not what occurs in my eyes
When anger is near



“Life is the gr…

3 Jun

“Life is the greatest gift that has been given to man”……Denise R. Smith





25 Mar

You heard me crying out loud
pretending not to see me hurt
while you cover up your dirt
But, yet something inside of me won’t let you get that close
Trying to touch my soul
I will only allow you to see me when i’m fierce
To you I appear to be a supernatural being
My sensitivity is kept in a cage holding all the pain
That you can’t see


The mind governs the body

27 Jun

We’re all familiar with the quote “life ain’t easy” and that goes for all of us, rich or poor. Sometimes I think we help contribute to that quote “life ain’t easy”. We all know that there is tremendous amount of obstacles one has to go through in his or her own life time, but it is also true, its how we mentally prepare ourselves to face those challenges that effects our quality of life. The mind governs the body but it also have a severe effect on our spirit has well; especially if its filled with negativity. I have come across many people in the pass, that before they attemp the steps needed to face their challenges they’re overcome by doubts. Doubts that they have of themselves and that others have of them. Little do we know by having that frame of mind we’ve already set ourselves up to fail. Why predict our outcome before it begin. That is just robbing ourselves of the enegry we will actually need to face the challenge. If we condition ourselves to face each and every obstacle with a postive frame of mind, then when we reach the end of the challenge it will seem less detrimental. Postive seeds fuel a peaceful soul!